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To be accurate, use a caliper and measure the width or your wrist. The width is the most important size.

Step by step:


  • 1. Take a Caliper
  • 2. Measure the width of your wrist (see the image below)
  • 3. Write it down and add 2mm. The sum is your size!
  • 4. Choose your fit in the size option on a product
  • 4b. (Choose a wider fit to make sure the bracelet will fit, when your size is not exactly there)



Usefull to know is that using a caliper is the most accurate way of measuring your wrist. You can use any tools to measure your wrist in a different way, but Senoawood can not be held responsible!

If you got questions don’t hesitate to email us (info@senoawood.com) or contact us on Facebook!